High-performance ASP.NET logging and tracing and the tools

9 Dec 2014

Reliable and high-performance ASP.NET logging and tracing that could get a website up and running in minutes. The logging and tracing features allow finding bugs, solving customer issues and enhance the reliability of web apps with advanced and high performing tool for applications.


There are tools that help to easily create log files, track threads and processes, trace method with a reliable recording library. Moreover, these also enable analyzing log files, monitoring the framework web apps in real time and use flexible navigation tools and filters.

Logging, which is also sometimes called as tracing is used for recording information regarding a program’s execution to debug and test purposes. Testers, programmers and support engineers often use filing and tracing methods to determine software issues, for after deployment monitoring, debugging live systems and auditing purposes as well. It usually involves writing text messages to jot down files or to send data for applications monitoring. Modern and advanced tools further support filing of complex call stacks, data structures, threading behavior as well as supporting real-time applications monitoring over a local machine or network.

The following are brief descriptions of ten .NET recording and outlining tools.

1. DebugWriter - is a simple class that helps dump property values to a system console to inspect them.

2. C#.NET Logger - it is an extensible filing framework that is written in C#, which comes with message queuing and asynchronous encoding capacities.

3. log4net - is a tool that help programmers output log statements to various kinds of output targets. Log4net is a port of a log4J Apache project.

4. C#Logger - is a filing device that supports sending messages and events to the Windows EVENT LOG. The API is the same to that of the log4j of Apache.

5. Enterprise Library - is from Microsoft and comes with a logging app block for writing messages to the Windows EVENT, message queue, text files and many more.

6. LogThis C# - is a registering framework which supports custom profiles, dates in record file names and logging to the EVENT trace of Windows.

7. CommonData - a common data project offers functions which are primarily for program projects. It also includes a logging module and a utility to create custom event tallys.

8. NLog - is a simple dot NET sketching library that is designed to be flexible. It supports processing diagnostic messages with any languages of the framework and supports numerous targets.

9. SmartInspect - is a tool to debug and monitor the framework, Delphi and Java apps and includes a unique ledger file viewer and real-time monitoring app.

10. Traceract - is a prototype debug tracer. It includes a basic viewer app for viewing debug and tracing messages in several windows.

The outlining in the platform enables one to view diagnostic information regarding a single request for a page. Moreover, it also enables one to follow a page’s execution path, displaying diagnostic information during run time and debug an app. The process could be incorporated with a system-lever tracing to provide numerous levels of output in multi-tier and distributed applications.

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